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eXtreme Machine

Try something you’ve never experienced but always wished you could ?

Ready to feel your pulse racing? Jump into our sports simulator and sky dive, bungee jump, fly and run with Dinosaurs, motor race, ski and scream your lungs out on a roller coaster 

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Rides and Experiences

Big Bunjee

Now not only birds fly over the Grand Canyon. You can enjoy the jumps, spectacular views and visit “Eighth wonder of the world.” The brave will dare! This extreme experience and total immersion. 

Scream Coaster

Ever wonder what it feels like to fly through the air, on a roller coaster? Well, get ready to get airborne. Scream features a total one-of-a-kind floorless train design. Look straight down and all you’ll see is the ground or the sky, depending on which direction you’re facing. 


This time the event gathered only the most professional and gambling aces and you are one of them. The race track lays in picturesque mountains and allows you to enjoy the views.

City Hammer

Attraction City Hammer is a virtual legendary "Booster". The one where you are lifted to a height of 50 meters from the ground and get untwisted at a speed of 9 revolutions per minute! What's happening? The pulse-pounding like mad, you feel fear, horror, a powerful adrenaline rush into the blood and wild unbridled a burst of emotions! 

Dino Fly

In Virtual-Reality everything is possible!
Do you want to be at the time of dinosaurs and see the world that existed more than 100 million years ago? 

Hover Man

Do you think jumping with a parachute is scary? How about a free flight with a wingsuit? Feel some freedom in the sky with Hover Man! Rapa Nui, Pacific Ocean, cities, bridges - you want to fly above all this, like a bird? Then go ahead and try

Fortress Coaster

Rush through an ancient fortress on a high speed! Twisted turns will scare you! But this will only make you feel like a time traveler! An unusual world will open before your eyes! And this world will be full of danger and adventure!

Dinos Park

Amazing and adventurous journey in a world full of danger, ancient reptiles, giant dinosaurs, and bloodthirsty monsters-predators. At every step you are in danger, the ancient forest is fraught with many unexpected traps!

Crazy Pipe

You fall into the secret dimension in space! This is a real portal, which you need to go at a crazy speed! On this difficult path, unexpected turns and unpredictable obstacles await you! No time to think! 

The Box

t's a mad fun! Feel the geometrical dance and huge speed on the extreme attraction by trying the new type of coasters. It's hard to believe - you find yourself in a parallel and unreal world - a dimension in which there is neither time nor space.

Air Storm

Amazing adventure on airplanes. You control the game! You control the plane! You conquer the sky! Fly fast, shoot accurately! The victory will be yours!

BMX Canyon

As a speed race in the Grand canyon in Colorado: twists, turns and extreme curves are on your way to the finish! BMX racing is a type of off-road bicycle racing. The format of BMX was derived from motocross racing. BMX bicycle races are sprint races. Sprint for power!

Desert Rally Race

 You can feel your impact in virtual reality world! Explosions and crashes - that's where extremely is! A hot desert, sand under your feet, dust and sun blind your eyes! But you have ahead of this race on the car! You will experience real tension in the whole body.

Dino Rush

Millions of years ago our planet was inhabited by bloodthirsty creatures – dinosaurs, we are able to see the remains and bones of them, and still not in whole. Now, you have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be the target of a dinosaur.

Jet Ski Racing

A simulator of jet ski races!
You do not even imagine how real these feelings are! Full immersion in the world of the Californian beach and extreme waves that ready to turn the jet ski and make you swim out of the water.

Overpass Madness

Apocalypse has come! You get into a gloomy world with an incredible atmosphere, around spaceships of alien invaders! You - participate in a cruel speed race, you feel the power of movements and calculate your way to the finish!

Unreal Fly Mountains

Mountains, rivers, fields, and forests - all this you will see from a great height! You will have real wings and a real heavenly road! The wind will carry you forward.

Unreal Fly Mountains v2.0

Heart stops at every movement, Fly in Mountains is now interactive! Feel the freedom of flight and admire picturesque mountain hills and blue sky! The feeling of flying is the most beautiful thing that can.

Unreal Jump

It beats the world! High Altitude. Crazy speed! You need to conquer the snow! This is an extreme sport! First, you climb the unreal height! And then you need to fly along the icy road to properly accelerate and make the most extreme jump over the abyss.

Unreal SnowSlope

This time we are sending you to the mountains to test your downhill skier skills. You will feel all the steep turns and free flights in the frozen valley. Pure adrenaline!

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